The PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association – ) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1979 to promote private label. It is the only organisation of its kind, representing more than 4,000 member companies around the globe. Membership ranges from multinational corporations to small family-owned companies. Their products include food, beverages, snacks, health and beauty, household and kitchen, DIY, and personal and leisure products. Some manufacturers only do private label. Others are well-known brand makers who also have private label operations.

In recent years Tenka Best has been attending this important fair which allows us to meet with customers we already have and also to contact potential ones . It is also a meeting point for the sector in which companies introduce new products and innovations.

Once again 4 products from Tenka Best have been chosen to be exposed in the PLMA New Product Expo, an exhibition of the new products that the organizers of the fair want to stand out. In this case the selected products are:

·      New EfiProtect Naturals cedarwood Scented Sachets

·      New EfiProtect Naturals citrus-peel  Scented Sachets

·      New  MR150 mikado airfresheners range

·      And the innovative EfiProtect Bye Bye Mosquitoes insecticide Mikado/reed diffuser based.