We create pleasant and comfortable environments at home. We create quality environments.


At Tenka Best we want the spaces we live in to be safe, pleasant and comfortable. To this end, we develop products to create these spaces, solutions oriented to the quality of life. We are manufacturers and we put all our experience at your disposal to be your specialist in protection and ambience of your home. We are market leaders in mothproofing, our star product, and we export 45% of our production.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we have been able to develop new diffuser products and technical solutions that keep us at the forefront of the industry. Discover them on this website.

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Quality: a never-ending process

There is always something to improve, there is always room for improvement, but this is only possible if it is done every day. At Tenka Best we have a dual commitment to quality: ensuring the reliability of our products and finding new opportunities for process improvement, every day. Our facilities and manufacturing processes have successfully passed quality audits conducted by Applus, Biotechnal and SCJ. We have undergone comparative efficacy tests conducted by independent laboratories to certify the efficacy of our products.

Maximum efficiency in compliance with the law

In a complex and constantly evolving legal framework, our organization also faces the challenge of meeting the highest safety standards for the consumption of household products containing chemicals. In Spain, the law guarantees the highest level of safety and at Tenka Best we are proud to offer the same guarantees for our products.

Respecting the environment, protecting the future

At Tenka Best we are committed to protecting the environment, and it is for this reason that we strive to implement and carry out measures that allow us to minimize our impact on it.

Thanks to our own technologies, we can offer countless possibilities for consumer products. This, together with our experience in the market, allows us to offer ourselves as a perfect partner for our customers, both to supply effective and attractive products and to provide business and loyalty.



As its name suggests, this is our effective brand of protection against flying insects that with pleasant natural fragrances, besides protecting, leave a pleasant and lasting smell to your home.


Tenka is our brand of value-added products in the field of ambiance. We are experts in creating air fresheners, based on essential oils, for all types of environments.


Efi is an umbrella brand designed for our effective hygiene and disinfection range.


Your manufacturer, your product, your partner

At Tenka Best we research, design, develop and manufacture. In our firm determination to be YOUR manufacturer, we will evaluate your needs and put all our skills into finding a solution to meet them.
Today, manufacturing for private labels or other brands represents 75% of Tenka Best’s total turnover.
We are at your disposal, try us.

In good hands

Our strategy of continuous improvement would not be possible without the complicity of the best in all fields. We seek alliances with leading global suppliers, such as Sumitomo and Lucta, to guarantee the quality and service of our raw materials.
Because if we are in good hands, so are you.

Tenka Best

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