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After more than 10 years as a specialist in the manufacture of mothproof tablets, we have developed two technologies that allow us to develop multiple consumer solutions. These are two continuous diffusion systems with active or aromatizing components: EFITABLET (solid tablets) and EFIFLUID (liquids with natural diffusers such as wood).


Proprietary manufacturing system in which the active ingredients are fused in a compact TABLET inside a sachet to optimize the dosage of the product.

In fact, this was OUR ORIGIN. We start with scented anti-moth tablets for closets. We developed for the first time our Efi-Tablet technology, special cellulose envelopes, unique in the market. Each dose comes in an individual non-woven sachet. Its content is released gradually thanks to the properties of the material, achieving a constant dosage.


Proprietary product system in which the active ingredients are dissolved in an alcohol-free LIQUID that is optimally dosed through porous plant materials.

This fluid base, which contains NO alcohol and IS NOT FLAMMABLE, can integrate perfume and active ingredients at the same time.

  • This technology is the core of our Mikado range, products specially designed to offer efficient air care solutions for homes and small spaces.
  • Wide range of fragrances, following market requirements and trends.
  • Air fresheners and protection with Natural foil diffusers.

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