Tenka Best Mexico

Tenka Best Mexico is shaping up to be our key growth subsidiary for the coming years in our international expansion. At Tenka Best, we have a solid track record in Spain and other European Union countries. We work every day to manufacture the best products with natural standards. Our products satisfy a large number of customers who, day by day, make our production increase and that is why we have set ourselves the objective of evolving our operations to the next level, which include, in the short/medium term, the start-up of a manufacturing plant in Mexico, where we have been operating for 2 years.where we have been operating for 2 years.

Tenka Best, is founded and directed by Ramón Raich, who has positioned itself as a leader in the production and commercialization of marketing of products for air freshening, mothproofing, mosquito repellents, candles and cleaning products. As of today, Tenka Best already exports to more than twenty countries, and we propose a Mexico as a strategic opportunity to develop develop our presence in the North American market. After a thorough market study, we are convinced that there are great opportunities for us in Mexico.

Tenka Best currently has one production plant in Spain, located in Aiguafreda in the province of Barcelona. Our production plant has been diversifying its production in recent years, including different products from our three main product ranges: air freshening, protection (mosquito and moth control), and the disinfection (cleaning products). In 2023, alcan7.5 million euros in sales, and currently we are currently in a period of growth and expansion that has led us to visit a target of 14 million in revenues to be achieved over a maximum period of 3 years, as well as the expansion of the Aiguafreda production plant and the subsequent start-up of the new plant in Mexico..

Our decision to establish manufacturing in Tenka Best Mexico The company’s production capacity must be expanded to meet the growing demand in the region. This new plant will enable us not only to strengthen our presence in Mexico, but also to optimize our supply chain and improve operational efficiency.

Tenka Best’s growth has attracted the attention of authoritative and influential media in the economic and business sector, such as
which has highlighted our company’s strategy to expand into the international market. Media coverage of this kind underscores the relevance of our plans and the confidence that the industry in general has in our objectives.

With a clear vision and a focus on innovation and operational excellence, we believe that we are well positioned to continue to be a leading playero at our industry.

In conclusion, our expansion with Tenka Best Mexico is a strategic step that strengthens our company’s position in the global market. We are poised to take advantage of the opportunities in the region and continue our trajectory of sustained growth. The attention of prestigious media outlets such as Expansión and La Vanguardia are a testament to the impact and relevance of our brand, further consolidating our reputation.