TENKA BEST successfully attended PLMA’s World of Private Label 2017, which was held on 16-17 May at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam

TENKA BEST was able to meet not only current customers but also new ones, to whom presented the whole range of products and innovations of its portfolio.

Some of the innovations that TENKA BEST shown in Amsterdam had been previosuly selected for the New Product Expo, exhibition of novelties held in the fair in a special pavillion, such as:

– Naturals Scented Sachets with NO Insecticide,

– Antimoth Scented Sachets packed in new doypack bag,

– Home airfreshners based on mikado technology (reed diffusser)

– Efficiently tested Antimosquito (Bye bye Mosquito) based on mikado technology


Moreover, TENKA BEST take the opportunity of being in Amsterdam to exclusively present there an innovative Antimosquito mikado (Buzz Stop) which contains No INSECTICIDE, successfully tested, and solely based on a mixture of plants with repellant properties.