From our research department and with the objective of improving the options of effective products based on natural essential oils against mosquito bites, in Tenka Best we have created an innovative product such as the anti-mosquito bracelet, a citronella-based repellent bracelet manufactured under the standards of our technology that offers natural and efficient protection for all members of the family.

In this article we will detail the advantages of the citronella bracelet, its characteristics and why this spring and summer, getting an anti-mosquito bracelet is a very good option to avoid bites.

Our innovative anti-mosquito bracelet is a practical and comfortable accessory that incorporates the essence of citronella. Our repellent bracelet is made with citronella essential oil, and with the intense lemon scent it gives off, it is an effective and natural anti-mosquito remedy.

anti-mosquito bracelet

Benefits of the Mosquito Control Bracelet

  1. Prolonged Protection

One of the main advantages of the anti-mosquito bracelet is its ability to provide up to 20 days of continuous protection. Thanks to citronella, this bracelet keeps mosquitoes at bay, allowing you to enjoy outdoor or indoor activities without worry.

  1. Dermatologically Tested

Our bracelet is safe for all family members, including children and people with sensitive skin, because it has been dermatologically tested, ensuring that its use does not cause irritation or adverse skin reactions.

  1. Water Resistant

Another outstanding feature is its water resistance. You can wear the repellent bracelet during water activities or on rainy days without losing its effectiveness. This quality makes it an ideal choice for beach vacations, nature walks or everyday use.

  1. Versatility of Use

The mosquito bracelet is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Wear it all day long, and get rid of tedious itching at any time and place of the day.

  1. Available in Various Sizes

To ensure a comfortable fit for everyone, the bracelet comes in two sizes: S and L. This ensures that both children and adults can benefit from its use, providing an effective solution for the whole family.

The citronella anti-mosquito bracelet by Tenka Best is an efficient and natural solution to avoid mosquito bites. Its combination of natural ingredients, long duration, water resistance and versatility of use make it an indispensable product for any mosquito season. If you want an effective and safe product for your supermarket or store…ask us!