natural insecticideAt Tenka Best, we believe that protecting the home and family should not be at odds with the health of the planet. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products with natural insecticide, based on the power of geraniol, a substance of natural origin with repellent and insecticidal properties.

Geraniol: A natural ally for your home

Geraniol is an organic compound present in various aromatic plants, such as geranium and citronella. It is a biodegradable substance that does not represent a danger to the environment or to people. In addition, geraniol is not toxic to bees, which are essential insects for our ecosystem.

Why should your supermarket or store choose a natural insecticide with geraniol?

First of all, its efficacy is proven, as geraniol is a natural compound that repels and eliminates a wide range of flying insects, from mosquitoes to cockroaches. In addition, it is safe for both people and the environment, being biodegradable and not representing any danger to people’s health or the planet. The natural geraniol insecticide, on the other hand, offers long-lasting dual protection against insects, as it is effective both indoors and outdoors. The mechanism of action of this type of insecticide is safer, since it focuses on acting as a dehydrating agent for insects, which is also less traumatic than conventional neurotoxic insecticides.

By opting for this natural insecticide solution, you could attract new customers concerned about these issues to your supermarket or store. Since you would offer products committed to health and the environment. This would undoubtedly also differentiate you from your competitors.

Mechanism of action of geraniol:

Unlike conventional neurotoxic insecticides that act on the nervous system of insects, such as transfluthringeraniol acts as a dehydrating agent. This means that geraniol alters the water balance of insects, causing them to perish in a safer and less traumatic way.

Tenka Best: Your ally for an insect-free home without harming the environment

At Tenka Best, we are committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for home protection. Our natural geraniol-based insecticide is an effective and safe alternative to traditional insecticides, contributing to a greener and healthier future for all.

We offer a wide range of natural insecticide products with geraniol, adapted to your needs:

  • Aroma diffusers: Enjoy a pleasant and mosquito-free environment mosquitoes with our aroma diffusers based on geraniol and essential oils with repellent and essential oils with repellent properties.
  • Insecticides for the home: Eliminate insects from your home effectively and safely with our natural insecticides.

Contact Tenka Best today and find out how we can help your supermarket or store offer natural and safe home insect protection products.