The exception becomes the norm. What until now were premium products because they are more natural, effective but without active ingredients, have now become the focus of our catalog of environmental and protection products of TENKA BEST. They are products based on essential oils, without pyrethrins, with which an equal level of effectiveness is achieved, while improving the consumption experience: more intense perfumes, new aromas that enhance sensations and well-being (aromatherapy), added values as the neutralization of bad odors, etc. And all this by reducing the environmental footprint to the maximum: biodegradable formulas without alcohol, recyclable containers of FSC origin, reduction of energy consumption in the production process, etc.
The most noteworthy novelties presented for 2019 are the Tenka Arome Flavoring Sachets for drawers, cabinets and small spaces, the Tenka Aromatherapy and Tenka Collection diffuser wands.