Tenka Pure Cotton Scented Envelopes

Sobres Perfumados Tenka Algodón Puro

Tenka scented sachets contain essential oils that guarantee maximum duration and intensity.
They are the perfect air freshener to scent small spaces such as closets, and bring a pleasant smell to the home.

Characteristics of Tenka scented sachets:

  1. A Month of Ambiance: Our scented sachets provide ambiance for 30 days
  2. Natural origin: Made with raw materials of 95% natural origin.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging: Committed to the preservation of the planet, our products are presented in 100% recyclable envelopes, 100% FSC twine and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.
  4. Reliable logistics: We pride ourselves on our punctual and efficient logistics. We ensure that your orders arrive at your supermarket or store when and how you want them to.