Tenka Orange Blossom Scent Sticks

Tenka Aromatizing Sticks 250 ml

varitas aromatizantes flor de azahar

Tenka Flor de Aromatizing Sticks Orange Blossom, an air freshening solution for the home, manufactured under standards of excellence.

Available sizes:

  • 250ml

This format can be used directly as an air freshener or as a refill for the 40ml and/or 100ml formats.

Characteristics of Tenka flavoring sticks:

  1. Alcohol-free solution: Distinguished by their innovative alcohol-free formula, our Aromatizing Wands offer an exceptional sensory experience without compromising health safety and environmental care. High quality, safe and sustainable fragrances.
  2. Class A rattan: Sticks made with top quality rattan, which guarantee greater durability and more effective aroma diffusion.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging: Committed to the preservation of the planet, our products are presented in 100% recyclable PET plastic bottles and with a 100% recyclable transport box.
  4. Reliable logistics: We pride ourselves on our punctual and efficient logistics. We ensure that your orders arrive at your supermarket or store when and how you want them to.

Our scent sticks are the result of years of development of scents, processes and materials. They are presented in exclusive glass bottles designed to decorate every corner of the home in an effective, intense and long-lasting way. Thanks to its exclusive formulation, each milliliter yields more and evaporates completely generating zero liquid residue.