Tenka Lavender Candle

Tenka candle 120 gr

vela lavanda

Tenka Lavender candle, a home fragrance solution, manufactured under high standards of excellence.

Available sizes:

  • 120 gr

Characteristics of Tenka candles:

  1. Vegetable solution: Tenka candles are made with 100% vegetable wax and selected perfumes, which make our candles a cleaner and healthier product.
  2. 100% cotton wick
  3. Eco-friendly packaging: Committed to the preservation of the planet, our product is presented in reusable glass cups and in recycled and biodegradable cardboard boxes.
  4. Reliable logistics: We pride ourselves on our punctual and efficient logistics. We ensure that your orders arrive at your supermarket or store when and how you want them to.

Our Tenka candles are the result of years of development of scents, processes and materials. They are presented in exclusive reusable glass cups that are designed to decorate every corner of the home in an effective, intense and long-lasting way. Light a Tenka scented candle and enjoy a natural, warm and luminous atmosphere in your home.