Tenka Lavender Aromatizing Sachets


Tenka Lavender Aromatizing Sachets, an air freshening solution for the home, manufactured under excellence standards.

Tenka Naturals sachets contain essential oils, which keep your drawer naturally scented and your clothes protected from dust mites and moths. Each dose is wrapped in an individual cellulose sachet. Its properties allow a gradual evaporation of the content, achieving a constant dosage:
1) Gradually diffuse the evaporation of the fragrance.
2) PROTECTS from direct contact with the product.
3) DOES NOT STAIN CLOTHES And now our bags are available with the Doypack system, a packaging that improves the presentation of the product and also has an easy zip closure system that allows you to open and close the container as many times as you want without affecting the effectiveness of the product.