Childhood Dreams Scented Sachets

Saquitos Aromatizantes Childhood Dreams

Cellulose sachet, which thanks to its high concentration of natural essential oils from flowers and plants and its unique diffusion system (Efi
Tablet technology), perfumes and protects fabrics for a longer period of time. Developed to be used both loose (drawers, small spaces) and hanging (closet rails, etc.), thanks to the built-in hook/hanger system.

With our EfiTablet Technology® we can incorporate different active ingredients and/or fragrances to provide a solution to multiple needs
consumption. Active ingredients and/or perfumes + solid tablet compaction + non-woven packaging.

Features of the EfiTablet Technology® scent sachets:

  1. Long Lasting and Constant Ambiance: Our sachets scent constantly for up to 40 days.
  2. Natural Origin: Natural Essential Oils with raw material of 87% natural origin, the sachet contains 96% of natural origin.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging: Committed to the preservation of the planet, our products are presented in sachets of 96% natural origin and in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.
  4. Hygienic and safe: Its design avoids direct contact with the product, offers child protection and does not stain clothes.
  5. Reliable logistics: We pride ourselves on our punctual and efficient logistics. We ensure that your orders arrive at your supermarket or store when and how you want them to.