In a market where consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the choice of sustainable products for air freshening solutions, such as eco-friendly mikados, has become a priority for many manufacturers and retailers. In this regard, Tenka’s eco-friendly mikados stand out as an outstanding option for any supermarket looking to offer sustainable and high quality products to its customers.

The features and benefits of Tenka’s eco-friendly mikado scent sticks are as follows are:

  • 0% Alcohol: All our mikados are alcohol-free, which makes them much safer for indoor use and guarantees a cleaner and longer lasting fragrance. With this feature, you will be able to offer your customers a safe option to perfume their homes.
  • High biodegradability: Our perfumes have high percentages of biodegradability, which means that they decompose naturally without leaving harmful residues for the environment. This feature not only benefits the planet, but would also reflect your supermarket’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Rattan/Naturally Sourced Diffuser Sticks: Our mikado diffuser sticks are 100% naturally sourced and FSC certified, guaranteeing that they come from sustainable and responsibly managed sources. This ensures an effective and constant diffusion of the fragrance into the environment, while protecting forest resources.
  • Recycled glass bottles: Our glass bottles are manufactured with a high percentage of recycled glass and are 100% recyclable. This helps reduce the amount of plastic waste and contributes to the circular economy by promoting the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of new products.
  • Recycled cardboard boxes: Our mikado boxes are produced with a high percentage of recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable. This eco-friendly approach will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your products, but will also offer your customers the option to dispose of the packaging responsibly.mikados-eco-friendly-para-supermercados

In addition, Tenka Best also has a line of products with natural and biodegradable raw materials. These products offer a sustainable and safe alternative to scent any space, without compromising quality or performance.


Tenka’s eco-friendly mikados not only offer exceptional fragrances and aromas, but are also committed to protecting the environment. With Tenka Best mikadosBy offering your customers a conscious and responsible choice, your supermarket will demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and offer its customers a conscious and responsible choice.

If you have not yet experienced Tenka Best’s air freshening solution, we invite you to contact us to offer your customers the best eco-friendly mikados on the market. At Tenka Best, we can help you to boost your ambiance project in a sustainable way.