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Tenka Aromatherapy rattan reed diffuser air fresheners RELAXING

Tenka Aromatherapy rattan reed diffuser air fresheners RELAXING

Aromatherapy can positively influence our body, mind and emotions through smell and its power to create sensations. Aromatizing the environment contributes to general well-being and generates a good predisposition for happiness and health.

This is Tenka Aromatherapy’s proposal: to create environments tailored to each emotional need or sensory preference.

Available therapies:

ENERGIZING: Mango/Grapefruit/Sweet/Citrus
RELAXING: Flowers / Jazmin / Lavanda / Patchouli
WELLNESS: Natural and balanced/Green tea/Bergamot/Woods/Amber
REFRESHING: Citrus/Verbena/Citronella/Musk/Mint

Premium: luxury packaging: box and bottle.

Decorative: in addition to its effectiveness, it is a product of high added value as an ornamental object.

Therapeutic: multi-sensorial experience. Enhances sensations and improves them.

Safer: no flammable. 0% alcohol.

Constant: constant evaporation system.





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