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Efi-Protect Naturals Sachets CITRUS

Efi-Protect Naturals Sachets CITRUS

Tenka Best, the European expert in antimoth products, has developed an innovative insecticide free product range for the wardrobe. The new EFI PROTECT Naturals range protects clothes in a more NATURAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY way, free of insecticides. Moreover, their cedar wood and citrus scents also contain essential oils, known by their protective properties.

Special fragrances
Carefully chosen to enhance the feeling of natural protection, they are fragrances of wild inspiration that bring nature to the home. Citrus bark essence or Cedarwood essence.
A natural fragance in every corner of your closet

Clothes will be protected against malodorus in a Natural way.

Each dose comes individually wrapped in a non-woven fabric sachet. They allow for a slow release of the contents, so you get a constant dosage:

1) RELEASES gradually the active component and the scent to the environment.

2) KEEPS the active ingredient and scent properties, so it extends the life of the product.

3) PROTECTS from direct contact with the product.

Display box for an easy and appealing in-store presentation.

DOYPACK packaging

Now our Sachets are available with the Doypack system. This packaging improves product presentation and incorporates an easy closure system similar to zip that can be sealed and opened many times without affecting the product effectiveness.


With our EfiTablet Technology® we can incorporate different active ingredients and/or fragrances to fulfil multiple consumption needs.


Citrus Peel

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      August 24, 2020