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Tenka Arome scented pearls Lime

Tenka Arome scented pearls Lime

Continuous air freshener system based on gel pearls, ideal for small spaces.

It does not stain, it is not flammable, and it has a regulation system that allows to maintain the intensity of fragrance desired at every moment.

Available in two fragrances: BERRY FRUITS and LIME.

Constant: continuous evaporation system.

Decorative:  Its design and transparent packaging allow you to see the pearls creating an attractive visual effect.

Clean and safe: does not stain. 0% alcohol.

Long life: 4- 6 weeks (tested at room temperature).

Total closure system: Keeps its properties to the máximum.

Berry Fruits


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    • Category:
      Air Care
    • Date:
      September 2, 2020