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Tenka Stop-Odor KITCHEN Sticks

Tenka Stop-Odor KITCHEN Sticks

What is bad smell?
The sense of smell detects chemical compounds in the environment that can make good smell or bad smell. There are many molecules that can cause malodor, whose origin can come from people, animals, home or environment.

How does it work?
Patented formula based on a mixture of raw materials commonly used in perfumery, which neutralizes bad smell.

Triple action:
• NEUTRALISES: chemical and sensory neutralization that is able to achieve a signifcant reduction of molecules responsible for bad odor.
• SCENTS: on top of the odor neutralizing properties in order to obtain a more pleasant olfactory perception, perfume has been carefully crafted to fit the space and circumstance of use: BATHROOM, KITCHEN, TOBACCO SMELL.
• PURIFIES: the product is constantly active and therefore creating a continuous protected and purified environement from bad odors.

The product is %Zero Alcohol, which means:
• That it LASTS LONGER: its evaporation is slower, controlled and gradual difusion.
• That is SAFER: Non-flammable.


Anti tobacco



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      August 13, 2020