On March 3, 2022, AENOR awarded to TENKA BEST the IFS HPC v2 certification.

The IFS HPC standard (International Featured Standard Household and Personal Care) is a quality and safety certification system developed and endorsed by the German, French and Italian distributor associations for manufacturing or packaging companies of personal care and
household products.

IFS HPC is one of the main international standards for supplier evaluation. The IFS HPC v2 standard provides TENKA BEST with an international guarantee of legality,
safety and quality of manufacturing and handling processes.

Obtaining the IFS certification, TENKA BEST’s management demonstrates its firm commitment to the continuous improvement of its quality standards and the achievement of the defined short and long term objectives.

The IFS HPC certificate is the result of the efforts carried out in the last years, which have made possible a substantial improvement of all the quality and safety processes. The commitment of each and every one of the people who are part of TENKA BEST is the best guarantee of
continuous improvement.

TENKA BEST is committed to continue working under the highest quality standards, with the objective of ensuring the complete satisfaction of its customers and suppliers.